WELCOME …..to Ruby’s Ice Cream, your destination place for the “Best in the Midwest”, the #1 Award-Winning Homemade Ice Cream in Missouri! Ruby’s was founded in Rolla, MO in 1974 and is located in St. James, MO at 814 North Jefferson! We use the Best ingredients to insure you have the Best experience, all for your insatiable appetite and taste buds….proudly serving 16 at a time of our 35 original flavors! Bringing back the old and creating the new, to assure you that there is something everybody will like!

WE also have a Second location, quaintly situated in an old restored 1905 Drugstore / Soda Fountain on Main St. in Steelville, MO. There is History in everything you see! Here is where you have 10 of Ruby’s most favored ice cream choices, but with the old fashioned blast from the past with……a working 1940’s soda fountain. We serve you the Fountain Drinks like, Vanilla Coke, Chocolate Coke and Phosphate drinks like Cherry, Vanilla, Strawberry and more…..


Ruby’s Steelville, otherwise know as The Fountain…..serves FOOD! When in season, everything is made fresh and from scratch! Original sauces, dressings, hand-ground spices, homemade breads. Mouth-watering recipes from New Mexico, Louisiana, Mexico, Florida Seafood dishes and good ol’ Americana dishes as well. Food for your “memory book”! We are the best food around and not too proud to say so! Every plate comes with Pizzaz! Meaning with, Artistic Flare and Artistic Taste, as well the friendliest service around…..Smiles for, and in….every meal! But that’s not all…..

WE also have Gourmet Popcorn for your enjoyment! Holidays, Parties, Gifts for your loved ones and friends! And…..there’s more……

  • Taj Mahal with Miss Paula Taj Mahal with Miss Paula
  • Poco   Rusty Young Poco Rusty Young
  • Michael Martin Murphy  with The Jacobson's Michael Martin Murphy with The Jacobson's
  • Little River Band with Miss Paula Little River Band with Miss Paula
  • Bernie Federko  and Friends.. with Miss Paula Bernie Federko and Friends.. with Miss Paula

You never know who might just show up at The Fountain……ask Taj Mahal, Michael Martin Murphey, Little River Band, America, Los Lobos, Poco, Mama’s Pride….and still more to come! Ask them what they thought of The Fountain, experience…..the ambiance, the Ice Cream, the food and the service! Hey, you can just sit there and wonder but really, we think once you come and try it for yourself, you will want to come back, bringing more people with you!